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About us

Aman Kesharwani is founder and chief executive officer of Algol Technology. He holds B.Tech. in computer science & engg. from IIT Delhi with over fifteen years of experience in software and hardware design, development and testing. He has worked as a consultant for companies like Conexant and Clearspeed Technologies, U.K. and ex employee of tech giants like Yahoo and Pitney Bowes.

Debiprasad Baral is BIT, IIMA and Stanford alumnus who has lead innovation in IT with more than fifteen years of experience in enterprise software product developemnt and consulting companies like Ptiney Bowes, Microsoft and Salesforce. His expertise includes enterprise architecture, IT strategy, IOT and Cloud management, CRM and Sales platforms, mobile and Innovation programs development. Debi lives and breathes technology. He is currently focussed on IoT, Blockchain and machine learning.


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